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Price List

        Singles- 120
(Solo Parasail Ride)
       Doubles- 180
(2 persons Together)

         Triples- 240
(3 Persons Together)

Toronto Parasail Adventures
Toronto Parasailing

Group Rates

11+ People- 80 Per Person

(The Captain & Crew reserve the right to combine the groups together in a safe manner at the time due to weather conditions.)

Early Bird Rates Also Available! See online booking for availability.

GoPro Video Rental- 45
             Observers- 50 

All rentals come with a Class 10 Micro SD Card and Adapter to take with you)

(Passengers/Observers are on a space availability Only. Priorities are to Parasail Flyers)

(Typically an average minimum weight restrictions are at 180lbs. And a Maximum set at 400lbs. Yet limits can change due to weather/wind conditions. The Crew and Captain will safely mix Flights together if changes occur)

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